The National League Championship Dodgers are one of the country’s top baseball markets

Designing marketing materials for the most attended venue in the world

In effort to bring in bigger and better sponsors for the 2017 season, the Dodgers partnered with our design team to help tell their story, and, of course, bring home the Pennant.


Trying to balance the historic brand image with modern design techniques while speaking to corporate sponsors was an exciting challenge for our team. During the process, we also had to evaluate the different tools and software their team members used, to ensure we delivered a file format anyone could easily run with.

Strategy & Execution

Our team collaborated with the Dodgers organization to create a unique, modern theme that combined the rich history of baseball with the cutting edge technology employed by the Dodgers organization. The results were incredible, and King Tide delivered a creative approach that showed a positive return for the Dodgers’ sales efforts.

“We are extremely happy with the creativity and detailed execution that King Tide delivered as it met our vision and goals for the project. Their ability to strike a balance between honoring Dodger history while visually modernizing our brand messaging resulted in a tremendous final design that will pay dividends for our sales efforts for years to come."

- Lorenzo, VP of Corporate Partnership Sales

Nitro Circus

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