Contractor’s Aid

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Our passionate team of designers and technologists worked collaboratively with Contractor's Aid to deliver an enterprise product.


America is built on innovation and development. The construction industry hasn’t kept up with the fast-paced world of technology. Business owners and developers have relied on paperwork to track employee’s timesheets and communication about projects. They suffered from a lack of transparency between teams.

Strategy & Execution

King Tide worked with the Contractor’s Aid team to develop a platform that streamlined project management, created team collaboration, and implemented data tracking. We created web & mobile applications that allow employees to check in and out of jobsites, upload media and comments to an activity, and communicate with everyone on their team.


We designed a brand that resonated with the construction industry, and told a story that embodied their company values.

  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide & Brand Presentation
  • Font & Color Palette
  • Business Cards & Collateral

Mobile Applications

We designed and developed an Android and iOS application

Web Applications


Project Management

Work progress visibility coupled with time management features allow businesses to have a true pulse on the status and pace of work site production.

Team Collaboration

Real time site updates, discussions in a news feed format allow management to stay in sync with field staff regardless of proximity.

Data Tracking

Real time data collection, storage and sharing provide valuable benefits to all levels of an organization.

“King Tide is solution resolution personified. Choosing KTC as our development partner has been the wisest decision we have made.”

- John Banse (CEO, Founder)


Creating a construction materials marketplace that saves time and creates transparency in the construction industry.